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We are working to develop our technology and commercialise MSC-based pharmaceuticals – find out more about our day-to-day work.

Bioceltix has the power to change the world

Many biotech startups are spending money from investors and grants by the billions, in an effort to find new ways of treating humans, but some of them have chosen to focus their attention on animals. Bioceltix does business on this developing market of veterinary products. Developing innovative biopharmaceuticals designed to treat ailments commonly experienced by animals. 

To do this the company uses the immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells (the potential of which is still underutilized when it comes to veterinary applications). The market for veterinary biopharmaceuticals has been practically stagnant for years – it’s just 2 years ago that the biotech drug was officially registered by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). We are responding to market needs – offering pet owners an alternative to the currently available standard (and often ineffective) methods of treatment based on xenobiotics – says – Łukasz Bzdzion, CEO of Bioceltix.


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Bioceltix: Year in Review

2019? It’s been a good year for Bioceltix. A victory in the Start-Up Challenge coupled with participation in accelerator programs as well as several important congresses, conferences and rankings. A lot has happened over the past year and the next 12 months look even more exciting. Want to know ...


MamStartup: Innovative veterinary therapies

Mamstartup: Gallant has developed a non invasive method for retrieving stem cells which can be used to treat various ailments – from torn ligaments and joint inflammation to kidney disease. Poles have accomplishments when it comes to utilizing stem cells in animal treatment. PLN 5.1 ...


A Polish startup wants to improve the way we fight diseases in dogs and cats

Business Insider caught up with Łukasz Bzdzion, founder of the startup Bioceltix, who – together with his team – is developing biopharmaceuticals for dogs, cats and horses. How is his company improving treatments for animals suffering from degenerative joint or autoimmune diseases? ...


My Company Polska: Bioceltix among the 25 best Polish startups

My Company Polska has selected the 25 hottest and best startups – and we’re among them! The stem-cell-based pharmaceuticals, which Bioceltix is developing, are a safer and more effective alternative to traditional chemical-based pharmaceuticals currently on the market. Bioceltix was ...


Rzeczpospolita: Millions for Polish medicine for horses

Rzczpospolita: The Wroclaw-based biotech, which is working on breakthrough biopharmaceuticals intended for animals, has received additional financing in the amount of 5.1M PLN. Thanks to the grant Bioceltix, a startup, will begin working on a new project aimed at developing a stem-cell-based ...