Research and Development

At Bioceltix, our focus is on the continuous development and improvement of our products. At our laboratories, we develop breakthrough technologies for the production of new generation biopharmaceuticals for veterinary use. In the future, our solutions will be available for potential applications in the veterinary treatment of numerous diseases.

Our R&D Department

The research and development department is a key part of Bioceltix. The core of our R&D team comprises scientists specialising in biotechnology, cell biology, immunology, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

Our competencies have been built upon years of experience in research entities in Poland and abroad.





cumulative years of experience of
our R&D team





In our R&D endeavours, we cooperate with Wrocław Research Centre EIT+, which is one of the most comprehensive research infrastructures in Europe. We also work with the Ludwik Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which is a leading Polish research centre. Together, we define new avenues exploration and current research trends, searching for innovative solutions in veterinary medicine that, in the future, could be put into clinical practice in the form of new therapies.

Projects underway

We never stop exploring new, game-changing solutions in the field of veterinary medicine. We are currently pursuing four R&D projects, which we plan to market in the form of new therapies and innovative technologies in the near future.


Atopic dermatitis in dogs

Atopy is one of the most common diseases in dogs. It affects approximately 15% of dog population in developed countries and this percentage continues to rise every year.

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Canine cancers – lymphoma and leukaemia

No methods of quickly diagnosing and effectively treating cancer in dogs are available on the market. Late diagnosis significantly reduces the chances for full recovery.

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WJMSC foetal stem cells

Canine and equine foetal tissue – a high-yield and readily available source of stem cells for therapy.

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We are currently developing a technology for obtaining a lyophilisate from stem cells to facilitate their revival directly before their administration.

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