Bioceltix has the power to change the world

Many biotech startups are spending money from investors and grants by the billions, in an effort to find new ways of treating humans, but some of them have chosen to focus their attention on animals. Bioceltix does business on this developing market of veterinary products. Developing innovative biopharmaceuticals designed to treat ailments commonly experienced by animals. 

To do this the company uses the immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells (the potential of which is still underutilized when it comes to veterinary applications). The market for veterinary biopharmaceuticals has been practically stagnant for years – it’s just 2 years ago that the biotech drug was officially registered by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). We are responding to market needs – offering pet owners an alternative to the currently available standard (and often ineffective) methods of treatment based on xenobiotics – says – Łukasz Bzdzion, CEO of Bioceltix.


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Puls Biznesu

Puls Biznesu about our plans: Bioceltix announces that it will soon debut on NewConnect – the company has recently completed the pre-IPO round. So far, the company has obtained a total of approx. PLN 20 million in financing for the development of a still innovative method of treating pets ...


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Investors’ Zone

According to the „Investors’ Zone”, an interesting year is being prepared on the stock exchange: “This year, an exceptionally large group of companies is choosing NewConnect. As many as 63 companies declared their willingness to enter the alternative market, and several more in the ...


Portal Wrocław

Gazeta Wrocławska wrote about us: “Bioceltix is ​​working on innovative biological medicines used in the treatment of common autoimmune and inflammatory diseases in companion animals. The company from Wrocław has something to fight for. This is indicated by the numbers on the global drug ...


Mam Startup – summary 2021

We create at Bioceltix veterinary biological medicines, and in 2020 we announced plans for a stock exchange debut and we obtained a permit from the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector to manufacture veterinary biological drugs. Despite the pandemic, we continue our projects without downtime. You can ...