Pharmaceutical product candidates

We develop innovative biopharmaceuticals that harness the immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells. The first Bioceltix products will reach veterinary clinics around the world soon.


At Bioceltix, our stem cell-based medicinal products for veterinary use are developed with the safety of the patient and the efficacy of the treatment as our first and foremost priorities. At the current stage (preclinical trials), we are working on the development of four MSC-based biopharmaceuticals. Two of them are in the manufacturing process optimisation and quality assurance optimisation phases. The goal is to obtain approval for the manufacture of the investigational medicinal products and transition to clinical trials. The two products are BCX-CM-J (intended for the treatment of degenerative joint diseases in dogs) and BCX-CM-S (intended for the treatment of generalised arthrosis in dogs).


Postępy badań
11 22 33 44 55 66
1 Isolation process optimisation
2 Manufacturing process scale-up
3 Manufacturing process optimisation
4Manufacturing process validation
5 Clinical trials stage
6Registration stage

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Our biopharmaceuticals

When developing innovative biopharmaceuticals, we aim to harness the huge potential of mesenchymal stem cells by using MSCs as the active pharmaceutical ingredient of the medicinal product or by sourcing the biologically active substances produced by these cells.


A candidate for an allogeneic stem cell-based biopharmaceutical intended for use in treating degenerative joint diseases in dogs. The increasingly established immunomodulatory properties of MSCs are the main mode of action of the product, which is intended to alleviate chronic inflammation and stimulate natural regenerative processes of the body.

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A candidate for an allogeneic stem cell-based biopharmaceutical, administered intravenously. Intended for use in treating generalised autoimmune and inflammatory diseases in dogs.

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A candidate for an allogeneic MSC-based biopharmaceutical intended for use in treating chronic feline gingivostomatitis (CFGS).

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A biopharmaceutical candidate based on allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for treatment of musculoskeletal system injuries in horses, i.e. ruptured tendons and complex bone fractures.

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