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In-licensing / partnership

We know from experience how challenging it is to develop and market innovative pharmaceuticals. There are barriers to entry such as:

  • pharmaceutical production costs (including money- and time-consuming clinical trials),
  • maintaining qualified R&D teams,
  • costs of the R&D infrastructure itself.

This is whywe at Bioceltix are open to cooperation on an “in-licensing” basis, which entails Bioceltix working together with a partner for the purpose of joint development of innovative medicinal technologies. We are looking for projects with commercialisation potential and partners willing to work with us on an “in-licensing” basis.


Why choose us as your partner?

  • We are a unique team of specialists with extensive experience in science and business.
  • We are investing in a GMP-compliant production facility with a production department capable of pharmaceutical-grade in vitro cell culture. The facility will also include a quality control laboratory fitted with state-of-the-art equipment enabling the full characterisation of the produced cells using validated analytical methods, such as flow cytometry and cytogenetics.
  • Commercialisation of research is our speciality. That is why we are ready to take on a portion of the business risk related to the developed project while simultaneously providing support through our scientific competencies and professional facilities.
  • We aim to build win-win relations and facilitate free exchange of information with our partners. In fact, we believe that in-licensing is one of the key drivers of development in the current biotechnological landscape.

We are already developing project on an “in-licensing” basis:

  1. a diagnostic test and targeted anti-cancer therapy of lymphoma and leukaemia in dogs, in cooperation with the renowned Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IITD PAN).
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