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We are working to develop our technology and commercialise MSC-based pharmaceuticals – find out more about our day-to-day work.

More startups participating in the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland accelerator program. The technologies they have to offer are full of surprises!

proseedmag: the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland program aims to speed up the development of recently-established tech companies. It accomplishes this by connecting these innovators with the know-how, experience and assets of leading corporations, investment funds as well as various other organizations from Poland and around the world. Nearly 100 startups have already received a much-needed boost from the accelerator program. Łukasz Owczarek, Head of Acceleration at the Technological Entrepreneurship Foundation which is organizing the program, says that there are still plenty of ground-breaking, youthful companies in Poland – players that absolutely have the potential to conquer foreign markets – provided they receive the right kind of support at the beginning of their journey.
Bioceltix: utilizing the immunomodulatory properties of stem cells in order to treat typical autoimmune conditions in animals. The company creates biopharmaceuticals which offer several advantages versus traditional pharmacology.

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Bioceltix has the power to change the world

Many biotech startups are spending money from investors and grants by the billions, in an effort to find new ways of treating humans, but some of them have chosen to focus their attention on animals. Bioceltix does business on this developing market of veterinary products. Developing innovative ...


Five life science start-ups that can change the world

We have found ourselves in the ranking of the 5 most promising Polish start-ups prepared by! “From those looking for a drug to cure cancer, through manufacturers of at-home lab devices, up to scientists who want to set stem cells to save the lives of animals. Poland seems to be ...


Łukasz Bzdzion on Radio Wrocław

Łukasz Bzdzion visited Filip Marczyński on Radio Wrocław. The CEO of Bioceltix talked about biological drugs for animals that are currently developed with the use of mesenchymal stem cells, and also about the entire team’s plans for the nearest future. You can listen to the full interview here.


Veterinary biological drugs – Bioceltix summarizes the year 2018

For Bioceltix, last year was filled with new, exciting challenges. From rankings and accelerator programs to contests and even a newly-opened #lab – it’s been a busy time. The ultimate goal remains unchanged – launching innovative biopharmaceuticals for #animals… and we’re ...


Bioceltix is ​​working on drugs based on stem cells for animals [interview]

MamStartup: Bioceltix is a biotech startup that does business in the veterinary industry – the company focuses on developing stem-cell-based biopharmaceuticals.  These biopharmaceuticals are a safer as well as more effective alternative to synthetic drugs, which treat only symptoms, not ...